Our Health Hub is where you can find information and support for mental and physical health, as well as various health conditions. No two people have the same health requirements and we’re committed to being inclusive of all and any health matters.

Please share if you have any ideas about how to improve the support we provide!

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Sick Leave & Pay

These policies apply to all health matters. Local statutory policies in your location will be adhered to if they differ.

Sick Leave & Pay

Mental Health & Wellbeing

One in four of us will go through a period of poor mental health this year. And we largely don’t talk about it. So, let’s change this! These pages are here to explain what support you can expect at Pento.

Mental Health Support

Spill: Accessible Therapy

Managing Mental Health: Manager Resource

Toolkit: Taking Care Of Yourself

Physical Wellbeing

We’re committed to being open around and supportive of all of our different health conditions, especially those which often don’t receive much attention in the workplace.

Chronic Illness

Periods & Ovarian Conditions



Disability can be visible or invisible. It can be out in the open or private. It can impact how someone works or it sometimes doesn’t at all. We’re currently exploring how to better support disabilities.