We optimise for being remote-first first, but we also deeply value spending time together in-person. We get to know each other better, it’s valuable for doing complex or deeply collaborative work together, and it helps to ⚡ make remote working work ⚡.

This page outlines how summits, offsites, and team meets work, and includes guidance for self-organising.

<aside> 📌 See also our Work From Anywhere policy, which includes some overlapping guidance. If you’re meeting colleagues in a different country, this policy also applies.


General Guidelines

Types Of Meets & More Details

We’re targeting that we will each experience around three in-person get-togethers each year. It may be less, but any more will be the exception, not the rule.

<aside> ✈️ Company Summit: yearly company-wide gathering (4-5 days)

**Fully-funded, with spending guidelines**

<aside> 🧰 Department Offsite: yearly functional team gathering (2-5 days)

**Fully-funded, with spending guidelines**

<aside> 🛵 Team/Squad Meet: time to work together in-person (up to 5 days per trip, or up to 3 if used to attend a conference together)

**Part-funded/stipend available** (unless business reason for meet)

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