<aside> ✨ Our Benefits and Perks are designed to support work fitting into life and improve our day-to-day wellbeing. Our general approach is that we prioritise paying market-competitive salaries (our bands span 50-90% of market benchmarking figures) over offering endless perks.


What We Offer

The majority of our benefits and perks are offered to all Pento employees, however the occasional benefit can’t be offered to long-term contractors (and none are offered to short-term contractors). Most benefits are optional, some benefits are taxable, and all benefits are inclusive of statutory benefits. We will additionally fulfil local obligations if they differ from what we currently offer.

Flexible Working ⚖️

Flexible Working

We have been working remotely since day 1 and supporting Pentos working flexibly is within our DNA. Read more here Our Approach To Flexible Working.

Unlimited Time-Off

It's important that we're well rested and to enable this we have unlimited time-off. We work hard at Pento and we want you to find balance and ensure work fits into life. Read more here Unlimited Time-Off.

Wellbeing & Growth 💜

Mental Health Support

You can seek mental health support from Spill. Read more about our approach to this here Mental Health Support and more about Spill here Spill: Accessible Therapy.


Tell us what you want to read in the #books Slack channel and you're free to purchase the book on us. All we ask in return is that you share a review of the book when you're done reading it — we love reading each others' reviews.

Family Time-Off 👩‍👩‍👧

Parental Pay & Leave

You can access gender-neutral company enhanced parental pay and leave, to be taken within the first 18-months of your child’s life (inclusive of local statutory pay and leave). This applies to all families, whether you or your partner has given birth, adopted or become a parent through surrogacy. Our family-friendly policies also include support and paid time-off for fertility treatment and parental loss. Read more here Family-Friendly.